Friday Advice Day

Everyone has that friend who inspires them and makes them a better person. My freshman year of college, I was lucky enough to meet that person. Kat Majdick aka Kitty is a blonde bombshell, future doctor, Zumba guru, and all around awesome person. As if going to med school wasn’t badass enough, in a few […]



World’d Toughest Job 2

I may want to spend my life traveling and becoming a certified nomad, but I always love coming home. One of the many reasons I love coming home is because of my Mom. Mother’s Day is coming up and that “World’s Toughest Job” video is becoming viral, and it’s all just reminding me how lucky […]


I need to be in Oregon. Like, now. Thank you, Lonely Planet for making this book and making me stir crazy. Here’s where I’d go: Trip #21 Oregon Cascades Scenic Byways A 4 day, 240 mile loop starting and ending in Westfir, Oregon that includes waterfalls, mountains, hot springs, and lakes. First stop: McCredie Hot […]



How to Dress for Coachella

Instagram has more than informed us that it is music festival season. We’re totally not sulking in our misery that we’re too poor and not cool enough to attend, but instead we’re rocking life at Nochella. Although we won’t be attending Coachella, we love all the fashion, and to help anyone who is wondering what […]

The First of the Lasts 1

I still remember my last game of water polo of my high school career. It was the valley championship game and we were the underdogs going in. By half time, we were down 5-0. In the third quarter, my coach called a time out. I have no idea what he said, but the next thing […]



30 Day Challenge 3

As if it wasn’t obvious before we are obssesed with Ted Talks, I mean how does Sarah Kay’s poems get us every time? It was typical Ted Talk binge when this little gem popped up.It’s brief but brilliant. And it has definitely inspired us to take this 30 day challenge of trying something new! Why […]


Where We Wish We Were Wednesday: Pine Forest Camp

This Where We Wish Were Wednesday is foreshadowing my summer because that’s where I will be working, Pine Forest Camp! It’s funny because on Sunday I had a phone call with my Mom that made me realize I have no freaking clue what I am doing with my summer, and just like that two days […]

Isla Vista, California 15

Dear Deltopians: A visitor’s point of view of Deltopia Dear Deltopians, If you were at Deltopia you won’t remember how perfect the weather was, or the fun you had with your friends; you’re going to remember the riots, tear gas and sirens. It’s more than unfortunate the way the night ended, it was disgusting. Seeing […]



Soulspiration Saturday! 1

Tomorrow we have a very special, and quite academic post planned so we have moved Soulspiration Sunday up to Saturday! Enjoy the weather, enjoy the people around you, and do something for your soul today! If this doesn’t sound like heaven, I don’t know what does. Life will hit you, hard, in the face, wait […]