Life Goals Circa 2005

I found this gem from an old journal today and thought its so terrible and embarrassing I have to share.So this goal focused list was made probably in 6th or 7th grade, based off of the journal it was in and accompanied with cut out images of jean skirts and Delia’s logo.

These were my life goals in 2005-ish as a middle school heathen who thought I knew everything:


My response to each goal as a mature, well rounded 23 year old:

1. Make over a million dollars
*INSERT DEEP BELLY LAUGH* Oh you silly silly child.

2. Start a charity.
Way to counter that money driven goal with one more wholesome. Still haven’t done this but I did, once, help my mom learn how to attach something in an email. That counts, right?

3. Make a difference in someone’s life.
Not sure, but I know I’ve changed people’s views on life in general with my dance moves. So basically, check.

4. Go to College.
CHECK! Mama, I made it!

5.Start a business.
You little entrepreneur, proud of you 2005 Katie!

6. Go to New Orleans with Lorena at 21.
This is my favorite goal on the whole list! Lorena was my best friend then, and I haven’t really spoken to her since we left the comfort of our private catholic school and were thrown to the sharks at public school. Lorena, if you’re reading this, let’s go to New Orleans!

7. Be on a cover of a magazine.
Scratch whatever was said before, this is the most important goal on this list! Hahaha… Ah my parents must be so ashamed.

8. Get married and have children.
Sorry 2005 Katie, have yet to accomplish both of these things and believe me, it’s for the best. #NoScrubs

9. Move to Michigan.
Okay now I’m really questioning your judgement…. Why? Why, Michingan! YOU LIVE IN CALIFORNIA, BE GRATEFUL!

10. Stay BFF with Lorena.
Awee hahaha nope, that did not happen…

11. Loose 50 pnds.
You can’t lose weight, when you can’t spell! Also, if any psychologist wants to pay me for this paper to help with your research on young girls body issues, I will accept offers. (Large sums only, I’m trying to make over a million dollars…)

12. Eat a Philly Cheesesteak in Philadelphia
BOOM BITCH, done and done! Gold star for me!

13. Go to Europe.
A little vague, but will accept as accomplished. Keep em’ coming!

14. Go on a Cruise.
This is the most probable goal, and I have not done this. Ugh, I’m a failure!

15. Visit the Hotel called Atlantis
I only knew of this hotel because Tiger Beat or one of those teen magazines had an interview with JoJo there, and a picture of her going down the slide with all of the sharks around. I’ve never gone and it’s too late, and I can’t wait for you to be gone. (That should be the theme song for the hotel Atlantis!) Also, if anyone has any updates on JoJo, please let me know… very concerned.

16. Win an Oscar.
Also in this journal was an entry very sincerely frustrated with my parents because they wouldn’t let me drop out of school to become a child star. I could have been the next Lindsay Lohan, Mom! Now I will never be on the cover of People magazine!

17. Pull prank on my school.
What a weird goal! Hah, the closest thing I can think of is when Alyson and I in Sophomore Spanish , would pull down our pants so our butt cracks were visible and make sure they were showing in the cut out triangle of school chairs. And then when someone was walking by, we would drop our pencil or paper behind us and ask them to pick it up. FACE LOOKING DIRECTLY AT BUTT CRACK!! GOTCHA, HAHA! Yeah…that was also really really weird!

Please tell me other people made lists like this when they were younger?
Some more pictures from my journal.



And lastly, this is making me realize how forever grateful I am that snapchat and Instagram were not around while I was in middle school.