9 Reasons Why California Is The Best State

On our road trip home from San Francisco Aly and I found multiple ways to entertain ourselves including sing-a-longs, listening to informational talks about the history of butter and religious zealot’s rant about their ideals. But the best car game we played was a good ol’ WOULD-YOU-RATHER, Vagabond Style. One particular question that has stuck out to me was this, ” Would you rather live in a different state and never be able to come back to California or live in California and never be able to visit other states?” We both chose to live in California because the mere thought of never ever being able to come back to California is sickening. ( Clearly I have a flair for dramatics…)

What is it about California that has us so unquestionably loyal to it? I mean I have always wanted to live in Boston for a few years, but I knew I would always come back. Being born and raised in California is something I am proud of, almost like it is a part of my character. To mainly help myself and others who don’t live in California, I have compiled a list of 9 reasons why California is the best state.









1. We’ve got Scenic Nature, just about everywhere.

Warm blue ocean for water sports like surfing, snorkeling or just frolicking? Check.

Purple mountains glazed with snow? Check.

Sequoia’s so big you just want to hug? Check.

Cold scenic beaches with greenery budding on the rocks near by? Check.

Fields of crops and fruit trees? Check.

Sunsets over bridges and mountains and bodies of water so golden you will wonder if this has any relation to California’s gold rush? Check.

2. Our big cities.

San Diego is a big city with an beachy-constantly-sunny twist. Los Angeles is a big spread out city with everything you could ever want; beach, sports teams, city life, star filled cafes and people who spend a majority of their time in traffic. San Francisco, the counter to Los Angles with more city pride than I have ever encountered. Seriously have you ever met anyone who has lived in San Francisco who hasn’t said, ” If it wasn’t so expensive I would move back in a heartbeat.”

3. The people of California.

As if our abundance of nature and big cities wasn’t a reason to live here forever, Californians are a special breed. I can’t claim to be an expert on this, but based on living in Pennsylvania for 2 months I would say that people from California really are more chill. Maybe because we don’t have to worry about functional everyday use snow gear or that we really are way too happy from our daily dose of Vitamins D, but Californians just seem to be more relaxed.

4. Sunshine

Speaking of Vitamin D, there is rarely consistent days without sunshine here and almost everyone in Southern California would claim to “like literally die” without the sun.

5. It’s so big!

Most Californians who have lived here for years, haven’t even seen all of California! There is so much to explore here; boredom in California is only for the lazy. Ever been in Orange County one weekend and San Francisco the next?  Do it and you will seriously wonder if you are in the same state. Have you ever been more North than San Francisco? I would suggest to check out Humboldt or even Santa Rosa.


This might be my bias, but seriously what is life with out avocados? THEY GO ON EVERYTHING. My summer away from California really made me realize how #blessed life is here solely because of avocados. GUACAMOLE, CASE CLOSED.

7. Our clothing style.

This is an addition to the people of California; but our laid back style is pretty freaking awesome. Here you can wear sandals year round and almost every girl here has her go-to pair of jean shorts. Flannels and leggings for the colder weather. Beanies here are an accessory not a necessity. I think that airports should give reef sandals to everyone entering California, like they give lei’s in Hawaii.

8. Burritos/In-N-Out/Mexican Food

Burritos make me believe in a higher power. Breakfast burritos, California style burritos, wet burritos, burritos with guac; this is my spirituality. In-N-Out animal style fries, need I say more? Every area claims to have the best Mexican food,  if anyone is willing to sponsor me I would love to test out your convictions on best Mexican food….

9. Any Activity is Possible.

Want to try snowboarding? Want to attempt to surf? Want to explore tide pools? Want to go to music festivals? Want to catch a rivalry baseball game? Or are you more into hockey? Want to see a movie screening? Want to drive along the coast? Want to go on a hike? Want to eat fresh local fruit? Want to go wine tasting? Want to go to the US Open? Want to stalk celebrity homes? Want to be an extra in a movie? Want to go kayaking? Want to scuba dive? Want to go shark cage diving? Want to go wakeboarding? Want to go camping? Want to snowshoe? Want to watch a movie in a cemetery? Want to ride dirt bikes in the desert? Anything you want to do we have; California is the perfect playground.


Would you agree? Californians what is your favorite thing about California? Are you from another state? Convince us why your state is the best!